Friday, March 15, 2024

Hoisted Sail

Hoisted Sail

As once did we, organized churches exist behind a veil of appearances. If members would weigh their supposed testimonies against their own scriptures, they'd find their tether to the divine weak and wanting.  Weighing those convictions and finding them wanting is how you ended up here. Each of us, as C.S. Lewis said, 'have entertained contradictory opinions simultaneously and have had to reluctantly, with faith, chart a course away from much that held us convicted into an ocean of ambiguity, contradiction and spiritual uncertainty. But as you certainly now know, a pilgrim's progress is often unscheduled, unscripted and confused, sometimes finding themselves stalling in some spot until the the mostly faint spiritual winds once again catch your sail and begin to move you again toward a prior home.'

Sometimes it's as gentle as a breath -- keep your sail well trimmed and hoisted.


John The-Not-So-Beloved

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